7" Hydroponic Planter - tall

7" Hydroponic Planter-tall -<br>Buy 2 Package -<br><b>Save $8.00</b>
7" Hydroponic Planter-tall -
Buy 2 Package -
Save $8.00
Item# GS18192Q2
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Product Description

Comparing Hydroponic Planters
Comparing Planters.
Height of regular planter is 5".
Height of "tall" planters is 8".

"Tall" Hydroponic Planters are used for plants that need more stability such as tall Dendrobiums.

They're also excellent planters for Cymbidiums. When using our "tall" series, plant slightly deeper than normal. And remember, larger planters hold more water so be sure to allow enough time between waterings.