LECA Clay Aggregate - Large Size

LECA Clay Aggregate - Large Size - 10 liters
LECA Clay Aggregate - Large Size - 10 liters
Item# 10212

Product Description


Large size pebbles are about the size of popcorn. This is the correct size for most orchids.

1 liter = approx. 1 quart

   10 liters fills:
  (20) 4" culture pots or
  (10) 5" culture pots or
   (6) 6" culture pots 


This growing medium is made by heating small clay pellets to 2000 F. At these temperatures the clay expands, developing a hard shell and tiny air spaces in the core.

The hard ceramic shell promotes strong capillary activity and minimzes salt buildup. The hollow inner core absorbs moisture that will be used by the plant's root system.

The pebbles are a sterlie ceramic that will not compact, decompose, or harbor mold and disease. Their irregular shape promotes good air circulation around the root zone, creating a stronger root system and a healthier plant.