Complete Setuo for Outdoor Growing

Complete Setup for Outdoor Growing
Complete Setup for Outdoor Growing
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Complete Setup for Outdoor Growing

Give your orchids a boost this summer with our "Complete Setup for Outdoor Growing"

Want to move your orchids outdoors this summer but worried that your plants might get damaged? After years of helping our customers move their orchids outdoors, we've created a "Complete Setup for Outdoor Growing".

Our "Complete Setup For Outdoor Growing" has everything you need to protect your plants while they enjoy the summer weather outdoors. Our Complete Setup for Outdoor Growing includes:

  1. (4) Shelf Mini-Greenhouse with Shade Cover
  2. (4) Heavy Duty Grower Trays setup for outdoor growing
  3. Nutrient Package for strong growth and protection from heat and insects

(4) Shelf Mini-Greenhouse with Shade Cover

A simple, lightweight, easy to assemble, greenhouse that's ideal for the summer growing season. Perfect for growing in small spaces on decks, patios, or balconies. 
  • Powder coated Steel Frame
  • 60% black knitted shade cover with zippers
  • Easy assembly - no tools required
  • Dimensions: 27"W x 62"H x 19"D

mini greenhouse
Mini-Greenhouse with Shade Cover

Shade Cloth Cover makes our Mini-Greenhouse Unique

Ordinary Mini-Greenhouses have a plastic cover designed for vegetable growing. Plastic covers do not work for growing orchids! Your plants will suffocate on the first hot day! Our mini greenhouse replaces the plastic cover with a shade cloth that's perfect for orchids.

shade cloth

lack knitted shade cover makes our mini greenhouse ideal for growing orchids.

shade cloth

 View from inside. Shade cover allows gentle breezes and just enough light through - while protecting plants from sun and wind. Perfect outdoor growing chamber for all your orchids.

2. (4) Heavy Duty Grower Trays

mini greenhouse

Grower trays hold the plants on the shelves and provide the water reservoir for hydroponic growing. 

grower trays

Trays are set up for outdoor growing - dimensions 22"x 11"x 2" deep. Each tray can hold (6-8) 4" plants or (4-5) 6" plants.

3. Summers Supply of Nutrients


Grow 7-9-5. Give your plants all the elements they need for strong, healthy growth

Pro-Tekt 0-0-3. Contains silicon which helps plants build resistance to heat, drought, and insects

Combine these two nutrients and grow amazing orchids outdoors this summer.

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