Grower Trays 11"x 22"

Grower Trays 22"x 11"- tan
Grower Trays 22"x 11"- tan
Item# 30112
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Product Description

Grower Trays
Heavy duty construction makes our Grower Trays ideal for hydroponic growing! Acting as the reservior, Grower Trays hold the nutrient solution for several plants, replacing indiviual Outer Pots for each plant. Grow several plants in one tray. No need for a water gauge either because you can see the nutrient level. Save $$$$!. 
Growers trays hold nutrient solution
replacing outer pots
Great for adding extra humidity in winter - never worry about leaks again!

Strong and durable - use as a utility tray for
repotting or moving plants

Heavy duty construction makes these trays
sturdy and reliable