Humidity Tray - Large

Humidity Tray - Large<br>26" x 20" x 2 1/4"
Humidity Tray - Large
26" x 20" x 2 1/4"
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Product Description

Humidity Tray
Grow in a clean and green environment with these Humidity Trays (and our Hydroponic System)!

Water in the tray stays clean and healthy because there's no drainage from the plants into the tray. Water in the tray is completely separated from the water used for the plants.

Simply add a drop or two of household bleach to the water in the trays and eliminate mold and algae altogether!
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You add water to the tray. Plants enjoy added humidity as water in tray evaporates. Water for plants stays in the grow pot - tray stays clean.

How Many Orchids Will A Large Tray Hold?

humdity trays
Large Humidity Trays measures 26" x 19 1/2". This image shows a large tray with (3) 4" orchids (big) and (1) 5" orchid. So this tray can easily hold (10-12) 4" plants or (9-10) 6" plants.

large humidity tray
Large tray has 4 easy to remove grids