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KLN Rooting Concentrate - Quarts (32oz)

KLN Rooting Concentrate 32 oz
KLN Rooting Concentrate 32 oz
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Product Description

KLN Rooting Solution
Repotting or Transplanting? 
Give the roots a boost with KLN Rooting Solution!

Did you know that plant food can actually be harmful to underdeveloped roots?

Encourage new root growth by using KLN Concentrate instead of nutrients for new transplants.  

Mature plants also benefit from KLN Concentrate. Substitute KLN for nutrients every couple of months. 

Give your new transplants a head start by soaking LECA pebbles in a KLN Concentrate before planting
(2 TBS per gallon). Then, use a KLN Concentrate (2 TBS per gallon) instead of nutrients for the first 4-6 weeks. You'll see the difference!

Don't confuse KLN Concentrate with Plant Nutrients. KLN encourages new root growth while resisting disease. Plant Nutrients promote healthy leaves, stems, and flowers. Nutrients can actually be harmful to underdeveloped roots.
Healthy roots mean stronger plants!

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