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Pure Neem Oil 8oz

Neem Oil  8oz
Neem Oil 8oz
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Product Description

Neem Oil is a safe and effective control for over 200 species of insects. Neem works by disrupting the insect's feeding habits and reproductive cycles. As the insect starves, it cannot reproduce. We have found Neem to be extremely effective on Aphids, Mealy Bugs, and Scale. 

The natural compounds found in Neem are completely safe, making it an excellent choice for insect prevention. (The best way to combat those little buggers!) To prevent unwanted guests from living on your plants, spray with Neem Oil every couple of months. Include the pots and benches too!

We include "How To" instructions with every order. 8oz concentrate makes about 10 gallons of spray. (use 1 tsp Neem in 1 quart of water)


Neem Oil is pressed from the seeds of the Neem tree (Azadiracta indica Juss).  Found in Burma and India, the Neem tree is known as the "village pharmacy" or "reliver of sickness". Neem leaves, stems, and seeds have been used for human medicine for over 4000 years.