Beat the Heat with Pro-Tekt - SPECIAL PRICE!

Pro-Tekt 32oz<br>The Silcon Solution
Pro-Tekt 32oz
The Silcon Solution
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Product Description


Stop Insects Before They Start!

is a nutritional supplement that increases your plant’s natural resistance against insects and disease. It was originally designed to protect hydroponic vegatable crops without using pesticides.

PRO-TEKT adds potassium and silicon to your nutrient solution . Higher levels of potassium and silicon develop stronger cell walls in the plant. Stronger cell walls act as a barrier against insects and disease.

Silicon also protects against heat and drought. Increasing the silicon in the cell walls reduces the loss of moisture through transpiration. (Transpiration is the evaporation of moisture at the plant’s leaf surface in hot weather.)

Add 1/4 - 1/2 tsp per gallon to your nutrient solution every time you water.

Note: PRO-TEKT is designed to help resist insects and disease - not kill them. If your plant has insect or disease problems you should be taking other action.